Augmented Classics

Books you can judge by their cover!

Classic Books

We curate collections of the most loved classic works to bring an unparalleled reading experience in paperback, hardback, and Kindle.

Augmented Reality

Bring each book to life by simply hovering your smartphone over the cover. Delight your friends and family as your bookshelf comes to life with your favorite literature!


Complete your classic book collections with hand-picked stories from genres such as horror, romance, and adventure. With unique forwards written by devoted fans, like you.

Bring covers to life in Augmented Reality using only your Smartphone, no app required!

Delight your friends as classic horror covers come to life before their eyes!

Immerse yourself as your settle to enjoy a great reading experience!

5 Gothic Horror Classic titles are available now from Amazon, with reviews from the web’s most loved booktubers!


A Father and daughter team founded Augmented Classics to bring the world’s best classic literature to a new audience using augmented reality.

Each of our expertly crafted books will pop off your bookshelf with ‘AR living covers’ where the book its self will entice you into reading its pages.

Augmented Classics: Books you can judge by their cover!

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